Sunday, August 2, 2015

Where I never thought to look

For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, the background of this post is that I'm doing a photo-a-day challenge this month, meaning that everyday I take photos to match a daily theme, which is decided by the wonderful Carly Campbell. If you're interested in seeing the adventure that is me trying to take pictures on demand, you can check that out here.

Fill my day with color. As if the color-based theme in March wasn't enough, I was being asked to find color in my desert world and make it look good once again. It was 107 degrees outside and I had just come back from the extremely green midwest, only to realize that every naturally occurring desert plant was mostly, if not completely dead.

I'm starting to think I sound a little overly morbid. I apologize.

No matter how I was feeling about the desert, I was determined to find a picture for today's prompt, and I really wanted it to be of nature. Even if it just meant mixing a bunch of shades of green together, I would find a way to succeed. And with that semi- inspiring thought, I jumped on my bike and headed to the Nature Preserve.

It was far too hot for this decision, but never mind that.

As I stood next to my locked up bike and looked at the dusty landscape of the preserve, I wondered 2 things; 1) How was I going to find any extraordinary color in the middle of a desert summer and 2) if I stood in one place long enough, would the ground manage to burn my feet through the soles of my shoes?

The solution to the first question was to keep moving and keep my eyes open, and the second is something I would still like an answer to. My feet were getting pretty hot just standing in one place, and I half expect that the soles of my shoes melted a little.

And so I set out, and about ten feet later found my first subject; some golden seed pods that pulled me in with their bright contrast against the green trees. I walked to them and started shooting, only to be distracted a few moments later by a flash of crimson further down the tree. The dying, drying pods were changing colors, and a few were spotted with a deep shade of red that I hadn't expected to see.

The rest of my walk went something like the scenario above, with me finding a vivid shade of red, or gold, or even green (which seems so normal that it couldn't be surprising, or enticing to take pictures of). There was color all around me, I just hadn't bothered to look.

I needed that reminder, the reminder that sometimes the most beautiful things in nature are dying, or worn by monsoon winds, or hidden just beyond my view.

If I were to describe every moment of the walk, you would probably never read my blog again. So I'll let the pictures tell the story of my color- filled day.

The pods that originally caught my eye

And the details that drew me in

The picture I'm actually using for today's challenge

I love how vivid the green on this tree is again the sky. Also, we have completely green trees. 

Flowers on cacti
I love the greens here

And the contrast between the green stream and the rusty looking rocks was beautiful

The sky was a bright blue and I love the slight tint of purple on the mountains

And one final splash of gold
And that is the story of unexpected beauty in the desert, and a girl who constantly underestimates life, even when she's been blown away by the splendor of it again and again.

<3, Audrey

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